Company Profile

Kale Aero is part of Kale Group of companies. Kale Group was established in 1957 and its main activity scope include ceramics, chemicals, mining, transportation, energy, software, robotics, defense and aerospace. Kale Group, ventured into the defense and aerospace industry, which was regarded as a potential growth area in 1987 with Kale Kalıp.  In early 2008, Kale Aero is established in Istanbul, bringing together the Group’s Defense and Aerospace businesses under one extensive roof.

Kale Aero is a one-stop shop, a leading producer of structural components, subassemblies and subsystems to the worldwide aerospace industry together with its valued supply chain.

Kale Aero specializes on complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components for corporate and military aircrafts with the capabilities on Design, Engineering, Project Management, High Quality Production with in-house Special Processes such as Heat Treatment, Shot Peen, NDT, Welding and Surface Treatment. 

Kale Aero’s high-speed, 5-axis CNC machining centers are the backbone of its mechanical production, providing precision machining, milling, turning and grinding of components for the industry. Kale Aero is approved by NADCAP on 6 different commodities including Measurement & Inspection and sustaining an AS9100 standard.

Kale Aero is known as an environmentally sustainable company that produces high quality products with its efficient production processes continuously improving with its digital transformation roadmap.


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