Human Resources

As Kale Aero, our Human Resources policy is to increase the personal and technical competencies of our employees and to ensure that they take part in an organization that adopts continuous improvement in principle. We provide an environment where effective and high value-added communication is maintained and we aim to move our company forward with positive feedback.

HR Process
  • Recruitment

In the recruitment process, we have different applications to find the appropriate candidate in the most accurate method in line with company needs and position requirements. The methods we use include personality inventory, general talent tests, and foreign language testing.

  • Talent Management

It is geared toward preparing leaders in accordance with our corporate culture and values with the training and development plans to be issued to develop the competencies of our employees who are included in the talent pool.

  • Training & Development

Technical training and personal development trainings are provided for the improvement of our employees. Our goal in the trainings we carry out is to respond to business needs by contributing to the development of our employees and to create measurable and observable results at work.

  • Performance Management and Competency Improvement System

Within the framework of the strategic plan it is geared toward extending the Company‚Äôs goals to the entire organization and to measure employee performance with individual goals.  As part of the Performance Management System, the targets set on the basis of employees at the beginning of the year are evaluated at the end of the year.  However, each of our employees is included in the 360o Competency Evaluation Process according to Kale Group Behavioral Competencies.  The results are used in determining training and improvement needs, career planning, backup and reward processes.

  • Compensation and Benefits 

Job assessments are carried out using HAY methodology, taking into account the responsibility, difficulty and contributional dimensions of all positions.

According to these evaluation results, wage and fringe benefits management is carried out for all employee groups.

If you want to send a CV:

In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data Code 6698, no CV via e-mail shall be accepted without the explicit statement of concent of the relevant individual.  For that reason, you are required to send the form below with a wet signature together with your CV in the attachment to the mail address:  Thank you.

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