Kale Aero announced it has earned a spot in the Boeing Premier Bidder Program

The program recognizes and rewards consistently high performing Boeing Commercial Airplanes suppliers and gives them an opportunity to increase their business with Boeing.

Kale Aero provides structural components, subassemblies, and subsystems to Boeing with its strong value chain.

“At Kale Aero, we strive to fulfill our requirements to our partners with diligence and efficiency. While we are grateful to have our efforts recognized, we also understand that this acknowledgement brings forth a duty to raise our standards and aim for better results in the future. Our success is a culmination of our in-depth approach, innovative practices, and most importantly, exceptional team. We look forward to operating steadily through the challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19 pandemic.” said Latif Cengiz, General Manager of Kale Aero.

Kale Aero joins approximately 100 suppliers that have met and/or sustained the high quality and delivery criteria required for inclusion in the Premier Bidder Program.

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